Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogging Fun...

How funny! I recently ( couple of weeks ago ) was surfing Google for "Blogger Helps" and "enhancing photos in Blogger" and ran across the Windows Live. It is the new bundle of Windows services that are way cool! The [new & improved] Windows Messenger, the new [& improved] Hotmail, Windows Spaces (for blogging), the Windows Photo Gallery, and the Live OneCare security for your computer - AND something called LIVE WRITER!

So I clicked in the link above and moused over each program and read information about these new live programs from Windows. I didn't really understand how the Live Writer worked in combination with Blogger, but it sounded interesting so I downloaded.... ALL of that stuff without realizing it! UGH!! (Later my friend Pam sent me a note telling me about this very program after I asked questions about clicking photos on Blogger. She suggested that I UNcheck everything else when downloading, and just get the Live Writer!) If only I had received her note BEFORE I found and downloaded this stuff! LOL!! I had seen her blog and how nice it looked, but didn't realize it was because she was using the very program I had downloaded but not even opened!

So that night after reading her note, thanking her and telling her I would check it out, I opened the program and took a look at it for the first time. It was pretty cool - and easy as well! So I posted from it and have been using it ever since! Every day since, I get comments and emails from people wanting to know how I make the blog look so interesting, so cool! So I've shared the link and in the last week I am seeing LOTS of cool looking blogs - all using the Windows Live Writer program. Everybody is spreading the word!

If you haven't yet seen it, check it out! It is truly a cool program and very easy to use. Be sure you click to install the available plug-ins in order to the get the most fun from Live Writer! The plug-ins MAKE the program POP with COOLNESS! Here is the direct link to get Windows Live Writer and here is a page on my buddy Pam's site - Pam's discussion of Live Writer and its' many features. I'm really glad Pam encouraged me to use the program or else it would have sat here on my hard drive, unused and me never knowing how fun it was!

Sunday is my Gretchen's 26th birthday! Unbelievable cos I'm only 29 myself! She lives more than 3 hours away from us, so I won't be seeing her. So yesterday I picked out a lovely card for her. It was perfect and expressed exactly how I feel in my heart, about her. I'll mail it along with some birthday "fun" money. Last night Hannah came in my bedroom and saw the card and picked it up and read it, then asked "who's this for?" "Gretchen" I responded... and immediately I saw this strange look come over her face. She said almost beneath her breath "how come you don't get me one like this?" OUCH!!! Well usually I pick "funny" cards that I know will make the kids smile. But in the last year Gretchen has finally graduated after working her way through 7 years of college. She has her first real adult job. She's a grown woman. And I felt the need to say the things the card expressed so beautifully. So I was scrambling to explain to Hannah that I wanted to say these things with all the changes that have taken place in Gretchen's life and with Gretchen living away from us.

But last night I realized that ALL 5 of my kids need to hear these serious words that they are PRECIOUS and mean the world to me - not collectively, but INDIVIDUALLY each one is special. I've been thinking of how I can randomly, spontaneously express this same sentiment to each one of them... starting with Hannah since she revealed the need for it. Hannah is that age that is so trying, 15 yrs old - the time when moms are stupid, out of touch, nosey, embarrassing, etc. BUT they had better be there for you at every turn - WHEN NEEDED! She hurts my feelings a lot, but I am trying to look deeper and see that she really, truly needs and loves me.

I saw a precious book several months ago. Now I can't remember WHERE or what the title was. It was one of those short books - they make them for friends, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers, sons, daughters, etc... that express love and gratitude for these various relationships. This particular one was a great book for mothers to give their daughters expressing the joy they feel for the relationships with their daughters. The day I saw it, I wanted it SO BAD.. 3 copies.. one for each of my girls. But the store had only 2 copies AND I didn't have enough money that week, to be buying the books. So I left the book on the stand. Gosh, I wish I had bought at least one of them. Standing in the store reading it, I was brought to tears over the precious sentiments which expressed my own heart for my girls so well. Where, oh WHERE did I see that book?? Was it a Hallmark rack? A Books-A-Million rack? I'm going out in search of that book and I hope to find 3 copies of it. Though I cannot remember the title, I will recognize the book if I see it. I saw it when we still lived in Panama City - I know that much. Hopefully I can find it here.

I better get off of here... got things to do before school is out. I'll close this post with a couple of pictures of Hannah....


Nancze said...

Hi Lynn, is the Live Writer usualable with Wordpress? I do have a blogger blog, but moving to it permanently would be such a hassel letting all my friends know. lol. Yes your blog looks cool. I love how you do the pictures and all. I'm really behind in learning new stuff. Just don't seem to have the energy or patience. I wish you could of gotten that book. I know as with my mother, my relationship with Emily has grown so much especially since she married and had a child. She really is my best friend here since I have no close friends. Well will check out the links, but would like to know if it's usuable with WP before I download it. Love and ~hugs~

Denise said...

I love how you can post pictures like that, and I just saw that Mary downloaded this same program. Posting to blogger is pretty easy, but I'd like to do this to my pics so I might have to give it a try.
Hope you're having a good week, I can't believe it's nearly over - again!

Julie said...

Hi sweetie pie,
Well after an extremely busy week I've finally got my butt over here to catch up on your posts and to thank you for the link to download Live Writer. I'm downloading it right now. I'm pleased I came here first so I knew to uncheck all those little boxes. My laptop would have been groaning under the load if I'd added everything. I can't wait to play with "writer", I just love what you do with it. I just showed Dave (he's here in bed beside me reading), and he was suitably impressed with the photos of your blog too. I've got a new toy to play with...yeah!

Your words rang so true for me as I read about your kids and how you are wanting to look for ways to make them feel special and express more fully what's in your heart. Something that I have found that makes them feel real special is to make up a nice breakfast tray, and wake them up with breakfast in bed. I did that this week for my Brooke and the look and flow on effect was priceless. Such a simple thing and yet she felt so special and loved. Give it a try! Since then she's been extra helpful and she even snuck out and washed my car without me knowing yesterday...what a girl!

You have a great weekend. I hope you find those precious books...ask the Lord to help you remember where.

Luv you lots missy moo. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, I do love your creative style. I read the link but it is to complicated for me. Maybe someday when I have more time.I plan to get a little book for my daughter for her first Mother's Day. I enjoyed all your pictures.

Susan said...

That was me Susan that just posted

Kimberly said...

Oh your photos look way cool!!! Great ideas showing your children how special they are. I want my children as well to know how special they are too!!!

Kathleen said...

Hi Lynn...Kathleen here...just added you to my reads in wordpress with your new url. Looks great in here. Love the pictures and how your site looks.

I will try to find your email so I can send you my username and password. Bt if not my email is

So much going lately in life isn't there...hard to find the time to blog but I really want to get back in to it again.

Again Congrats on the new house it is adorable.


Julie said...

Look at clever you. OK mam, some questions for you. I downloaded Windows Live, and I was able to try a little bit of text but couldn't fund where to justify it (make it all line up neatly) and you're doing amazing things with your photos with them being tilted and fancy corners, and I for the life of me can't find where to do all that. I can find how to add a photo and turn it into photo paper with a border and drop shadow, but if I try and rotate it, with it won't do the nice little tilt like you have done here. Am I missing a whole lot of options or something obvious? I have looked all over and can't find where you're getting all those fancy bits from. Maybe you made them fancy in PSP before you imported them, is that what I'm doing wrong???? When you have a few moments, can you let me know what I'm missing please? Sorry about that, but I've tried twice and it's not behaving for me like yours does for you. I'm sure it will be great once this blonde can learn to fly it! Thanks sweets. xx