Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogger Question

Well it's a day away from the weekend/payday and that's a good thing! We owe every dime of the paycheck but at least we'll have it, to pay things that are [past] due.

I have a question today. It concerns the blogger engine. I've been noticing that when I include a picture in my posts, that sometimes the pictures are clickable (to show them enlarged) and sometimes they are not. This is puzzling to me because I always upload them to my posts the exact same way.

I click on the little "picture" image across the top of the message body. It brings up a window to browse for the image I want to use and then has me select what size I want the image to be in my post - small, medium or large. Then it has me to select the location where my photo will be within the post, in relation to the text- top, bottom, center, left, right etc. Then it uploads and there it is! Only some of them will be clickable and others will not.

This has been bugging me as I want them all to be clickable. I usually show them as the size small thumbnail in the body of the post, so I want you to be able to click them in order to actually SEE what the picture is! : )

If anyone can shed light on why this "clickability" is inconsistent - leave me a comment, please! I sure would 'prechate it!

Well I gotta go - the pest control guy is coming over to do some paperwork. We are transferring the preexisting termite contract into our names. Boy is that expensive! We had no idea - and lucky us, it is the treatment year, so it's higher this year! UGH! Oh, the joys (that we didn't realize) of home ownership!


Kimberly said...

I have found the same frustration you have with the photos and I don't know why. So if anyone does, I'd like the advice as well.

Bills are no fun that's for sure. It seems that everything these days is so expensive these days too.

Tänia said...

I don't know the answer to your question... sorry! But.. I have been reading through your blog. A year ago you were in the cardiac unit? Missed that one!

Isn't it weird how we all seem to fade in and out of each other's lives but the love is always there. Missed you old friend. Glad to see you back online.

Loved the new house! WOO HOO! Looks like things are looking up for you a bit!

Big hugs to you and look forward to more posts!

Julie said...

I'm behind on my blogging this week. From what I've been able to ascertain, the photos are only clickable if they are bigger than the size you choose them to be (small, medium, large etc) when you add them. So if you add a bigger pic, but say you want it to show as a small thumbnail, if someone clicks on it, they will see it at the original size. If the pic you're uploading isn't very big it doesn't enlarge it since it can't make it bigger than the original. Does that make sense? Mmmm....I don't think I explained that very well.

In relation to Oprah, some of the things she thinks and says have concerned me for quite some time. I do check what her shows are on, but only watch them if they are not rubbish. I do think though she has a huge responsibility because of her capacity to influence people, and like all of us, she is very accountable. To much is given, much is expected! The unfortunate part is, just because we turn off, there are millions who don't, and take that stuff on board. It is a huge concern.

Nancze said...

Hi Lynn, yes isn't home ownership wonderful. lol.. I don't know about pictures in blogger. I wish I could help you. Not much going on here. We endured a real gully washer wed. and thurs. morning. Just what we don't know, to much rain. Our farm gauge showed 5 inches. At least we are high ground without flooding problems. Love and ~hugs~

Pam said...

oh Lynn...just had to tell you how timely was your note at my blog. Am feeling so blue today, probably nothing a little warmth and sunshine wouldn't at least half cure, but blue nonetheless. So hearing from you, seeing your face, sure made my heart smile even though it made the eyes a little prickly with tears over my good fortune. :) Anyway, just wanted you to know...I am selfishly cheering my heart out that you are here blogging when you can. I've missed you and wondered how you are.

And Blogger! my favorite blog service. ;) I'm not sure about the photos either...but I will tell you about Windows Live Writer which is a wonderful way to easily post pictures and will make posting probably even faster for you...if you're interested. ;) Here is the link: so you can check it out. Just be sure...if you decide to download and uncheck all the added software that comes with it unless you want to try them out. Windows Live Writer is a wonderful, wonderful program which allows you to write your posts offline whenever you want, save drafts easily, recall posts already posted, insert smilies (from an add-on), AND align photos, add pretty little white Polaroid-like edges, and do the clickable thing you're hoping to do with your photos. It would take a little exploring of features and seeing where everything is, but I love it and highly recommend it for its ease of posting...totally bypassing the Blogger posting thing which I always find frustrating at best. I'll include a link too for a different Blogger blog I have that talks about Windows Live Writer and some additional helpful links for it.

Okay, I'll be back
...what a wonderful surprise you've sent my way today. :) Thank you, Lynn!!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Lynn!!
I am so happy I found your link at Tania's!! It is so good to catch up with you my friend.

I will be back to visit again soon.