Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Big "O" - Could She Be Dangerous To Your Soul?

Is Oprah leading people astray? Does she just have some "unusual beliefs" which she voices now and then, or is she actually preaching a false religion in such a way as to lead even Christians astray? Take a couple of minutes and watch this video (which is really mild; I've heard Oprah make more "red flag" statements while watching her show. )

You can also Read here and give careful attention, thought and prayer to this article. It is lengthy, but I feel it is VERY important. There are numerous articles online, which discuss this subject. Another can be found here.

In light of what we learn as we research her beliefs, should we as Christians continue to watch and support Oprah (and indoctrinate ourselves mentally and thus spiritually to that which is false and leads to eternal destruction?) I myself have watched Oprah, though not on a regular basis. When I see a commercial advertising an episode that looks interesting to me, I try to remember to watch that day. Over the years I've seen some pretty bizarre statements made on that show by Oprah herself, as well as the guests she carefully handpicks and endorses. My "red flag" has gone up many times while watching, but I never really perceived it as personally dangerous. Now I do. What she continually "preaches" DOES enter AND influence the minds and hearts of those who regularly sit under this "teaching" i.e. entertainment. And now Oprah is promoting "A New Earth" and "A Course in Miracles."

It is NOT good to sit under the steady teachings of one who promotes a gospel which is not true. Be not deceived. Research this for yourself. "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many are they which go therein." Matt 7:13.


Mary said...

Hi Lynn,

Wow, you've got some provocative writing on your blog. Well, for what it's worth I've never found Opera’s statements about God or Jesus to line up with my beliefs so I have always watched her knowing we weren't on the same page spiritually. Actually, to be honest, I could probably count the times I've watched her in the past 5 years on one hand. She's a good woman, but spiritually astray in my opinion.

Love coming atcha!


Nancze said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for emailing me the url. I was patiently waiting. *smiles* Oh my yes, I don't watch Oprah anymore and pray for her. What she is doing is so wrong, embracing the new age thinking that is invading the church so much today. There are some video's on you tube, so few I endore, but they are by Steve McVey and he address the lies that are preached in the church and many we have been taught. You'll have to view them to fully understand, but they are very good in my opinion. Aw Middle earth. I visit pretty often since I have all 3 of the movies. *smiles* I agree that Sam is my favorite, the scene when he lifts Frodo to carry him up Mt. Doom and what he says continually brings tears to my eyes. I know My Savior is carrying me through so much. I'll be by and often, catching up each time. Thank you for allowing me to visit. Love you! ~hugs~

Melissa said...

Hi Lynn!!
Oh I stumbled across your moved blog from another site's link and am so glad to have found you (my graphics site is/was Southpaw Scribbles). Look forward to catching up with you a bit as I'm finally getting my journal dusted off and back up running.

Kimberly said...

Very disheartening what the world is coming to. I have of course watched Oprah in the past, but not in a long time. I'm not usually home when it is on. I certainly agree with the video we as Christians certainly need to pray. I wasn't able to go to church Sunday as I was having a colon problem, but Marisa (my youngest daughter) said that our Pastor did mention in our service about the comment Oprah made on this very video. He of course does not appreciate what she is doing either.

I would mention that anyone that is able should visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg Kentucky. It is great, and based purely from the scriptures. I know you would enjoy it.

Diane said...

I know - I've been reading articles about Oprah lately. Sad isn't it? With all her power and money and influence, she could be such a shining light. :(

Tänia said...

OH my gosh! I am stunned. But then... I am not. I have enjoyed the one or two shows a year with people I want to see on her show, but I have always had this nagging thought that too many people look to her for guidance, and that is wrong. And to see this... well, it is absolutely eye opening. Thank you for sharing!

I love you Lynny Poo! Haven't got to visit with you in ages! Miss you loads! I will be back afterwhile to catch up with everything! Big hugs!