Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Just thinking about a number of things this morning. I saw a segment on the Early Show (CBS) this morning, about the changing face of hunger in America. A family whose business had failed was featured. They had 4 young children and they were sharing about how they had been forced to use a local food pantry over a number of months now.  Of course there were some feelings of shame or embarrassment (humbling) associated with the loss of their job, the need for assistance of various sorts. 

I could sure relate as I recalled our nearly 17 months of joblessness after 9/11/2001.  Some of you knew me then and remember that time in my family's life. Some of you precious friends even helped us during that time. It's very frightening to be in need like this, to not know where the next meal will come from, how the next bill will be paid, how the rent will be paid, how the electric and other associated monthly expenses will be paid.    VERY FRIGHTENING to not have any income at all coming in, but all the normal monthly bills and expenses remain to be paid every four weeks. 

One statement this woman made this morning struck me - "hunger doesn't always show... need doesn't always show."  That's a paraphrase as best I remember, but I recall feeling the same way when seeking assistance. If you LOOK like a decent person (clean, dressed decently etc) then the need is not apparent and you are shunned for requesting it. After all, you don't look like you are in need and others obviously look more desperate, more needy. It is VERY difficult to get assistance in this case. On the other hand, if you LOOK poverty stricken, then you are viewed with disdain and treated like a 2nd class human. This was VERY distressing to me when we found ourselves in this predicament. I would imagine there are a LOT of Americans right now, who do not LOOK poor or needy, but who are in desperate need.     




I am watching President Bush's news conference right now. Something that stands out is his repeated pleas with congress (which is democratically controlled) to pass bills which would have relieved many of the burdens we are struggling under right now. And again and again, congress has failed to work in our best interests.

A president works with the hand he is dealt. The congress controls policy. Congress "changed" 2 years ago - to democratic majority/control. I can't imagine what might happen if they get a like-minded president in there with them now. The word "change" being thrown about by the democratic candidates is scary indeed!

In closing, did you all see this in the news? Seven year old kid stole his grandmother's car and went for a joyride with his cigarette smoking friend. His reason? "...because it's fun to do bad things."  God help us!   Before I go, another EXCELLENT article over at Two Sisters From The Right. Go and read the article titled "Wright spews More Venom" dated April 29, and give particular attention to the final paragraph. This is So ON TARGET.

See ya'll!



Monday, April 28, 2008

Decency... It's Getting Harder to Find it...

grand-theft-auto-iv-20071128012032646-000Sitting here watching Fox News this morning, I saw that the latest installment of the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto" is set to go on sale everywhere at midnight tonight.  Unbelievably, this 4th edition follows on the heels of 3 prior hot sellers!  Could this be contributing to such rampant thug behavior everywhere? Could this also contribute to thugs who are younger and younger nowadays?  The game carries a "Mature" warning (meaning acceptable for 17 and up) but this is small comfort as we all know children everywhere can access whatever they WANT to access.  It's as easy as going to a friend's house and being exposed to older siblings of their friends.

The Grand Theft Auto series is reported to be filled with violence. I ran across an article that was written back in 2003, but is very relevant to this day, discussing the dangers of such violent material. You can read more about it in this article entitled "Most Dangerous Games: Video Games That Inspire Serious Crimes." This article referenced the 3rd edition of this game, but there is no doubt the violence in the newest edition being released will continue to perpetuate the real-life violence in the streets.  I was shocked while reading this article, to find out what the object of the game is, and what is required to progress through and finally win the game. VERY DISTURBING... and SAD. I also ran across this 2005 article from CBS News, still very relevant as well - Grand Theft Auto Under Fire.

We don't own the latest, greatest video game players. Thirteen years ago we purchased a Nintendo system and gradually collected about a dozen games to go with it - several  being the Super Mario series and Donkey Kong, and the remainder being baseball, football and basketball games for the system.  Zach progressed to Play Station several years ago, and owned 4 games for it - Major League Baseball, NFL Football, College Football and NBA Basketball. That's it.  The game console tore up after a year or so and he was without for awhile.

Eventually we bought him the X-Box 360 Live which lasted all of about 5 months before quitting. We sent it in for repair. It was returned and broke down again a couple of months later - but not before ruining one of the 3 sports games he owned.  The UPS store recognized the box X-Box issues for returns/repairs and told us he had seen hundreds of those go out for repair (and that was only in his local store in Panama City!) THAT'S IT! We are through with buying over-priced pieces of gaming junk! I am so NOT into forking out $400.00 for game consoles that last only months. The Nintendo we owned YEARS ago, still works today though we may not be very popular with our Super Mario games and outdated sports games! And the graphics/technology is 13 years old. LOL! Still looks great to me! My girls are always telling me that their friends' houses are more fun because they have "Guitar Hero" and other similar "newest, latest" games. They want me to buy them a game player and some of those new games. I'm just not willing to waste any more money on this kind of stuff. The consoles themselves cost hundreds of dollars. With every new model, the prices keep rising. The accessories/games cost hundreds more.  Whatever happened to playing Monopoly, Parcheesi, Checkers, cards, etc?? Thankfully some of Hannah's friends ARE returning to those games and having FUN playing them!

I must be getting OLD. Every day I long more and more to return to the old ways in most every area of life - from entertainment, to food (back to local grown, hormone/pesticide/radiation free fruits, veggies and meats) to values and convictions that ruled in most hearts, to neighborhoods that were close-knit, to efficient government and individual responsibility... yes, I must be getting old. download

Ya'll have a good one...

Friday, April 25, 2008

"It's NOT Fair!"

These were the words from my little slugger last night as she crawled into the car after her team lost a ball game 4-1.  It really wasn't fair either. She had the opportunity to pick up her faltering team with a big hit. We had two outs and bases were loaded when Katelyn came up to bat and got a good hit.  The play would be close as the 2nd baseman was able to snag the hard hit ball and turned to see Katelyn flying toward 1st base - only steps away.  At this point the 2nd baseman bobbled the ball a bit, and Katelyn turned up her speed a notch and flew into 1st base. Just after she crossed the bag, the 1st baseman caught the ball thrown from 2nd. Our runner on 3rd was crossing home plate at that moment. The umpire in the field shouted "SHE'SSSSSS OUTTA THERE!" A stunned Katelyn turned around and said "NOOOO!" At the same time, everyone in the stands came to their feet and also screamed "NOOOO.. she was SAFE!"

She WAS safe. Sigh... the run did not count, Katelyn was the 3rd out, though wrongfully so. And that was the ole ball game. download

Well, that bad call shut our team down... shut down the 2 out rally, and we lost. That was not the only bad call of the night, but it was a major one that stopped the comeback cold. My little slugger cried on the way home, angered at being cheated of that hit, and her team being cheated of that run.. and the opportunity for the next batter to also get a hit which would have likely scored the runner ahead of Katelyn and Katelyn as well. It would have been a different ball game.

Aaaaaah, such is life. There will be many more unfair calls in life. That was just the first. She will see many more injustices in her life... far greater than an umpire's bad call. Wrong will triumph again... and again... and again. But like I told Katelyn last night... "keep trying, keep fighting, keep working!"  WHY? Because Jesus said "In this world you will have many tribulations and trials, but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world." So we persevere.

On a different subject, gas has gotten so expensive that Bobby and Zachary are not coming home this weekend. download  The gas situation is growing critical as it continues to go up daily, sometimes more than once a day. Have you all noticed a sharp rise in grocery prices as well? I am dismayed at the thought of even going to the store these days. I'm spending more and more every week, and bringing home less and less food.  These are scary times we are living in. I feel so vulnerable, that our nation is becoming vulnerable... and I hate feeling vulnerable.  I am deeply concerned for the direction we seem to be headed as a nation. Today's post at "Two Sisters From The Right".. one of my favorite blogs was very sobering. It is titled "Gullible's Travels" and dated Friday April 25th.

And THIS makes me sure of who definitely does not need to be in the position of president of the United States. We have terrorists HOPING Obama is elected. What does this say - that they feel they can have a cooperative, cozy relationship with him?  This is scary.


Psalm 4:8  "In peace I will lay down and sleep, for You alone, O Lord, make me to dwell in safety."

With this assurance, I will say goodnight! Have a good weekend, friends!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogging Fun...

How funny! I recently ( couple of weeks ago ) was surfing Google for "Blogger Helps" and "enhancing photos in Blogger" and ran across the Windows Live. It is the new bundle of Windows services that are way cool! The [new & improved] Windows Messenger, the new [& improved] Hotmail, Windows Spaces (for blogging), the Windows Photo Gallery, and the Live OneCare security for your computer - AND something called LIVE WRITER!

So I clicked in the link above and moused over each program and read information about these new live programs from Windows. I didn't really understand how the Live Writer worked in combination with Blogger, but it sounded interesting so I downloaded.... ALL of that stuff without realizing it! UGH!! (Later my friend Pam sent me a note telling me about this very program after I asked questions about clicking photos on Blogger. She suggested that I UNcheck everything else when downloading, and just get the Live Writer!) If only I had received her note BEFORE I found and downloaded this stuff! LOL!! I had seen her blog and how nice it looked, but didn't realize it was because she was using the very program I had downloaded but not even opened!

So that night after reading her note, thanking her and telling her I would check it out, I opened the program and took a look at it for the first time. It was pretty cool - and easy as well! So I posted from it and have been using it ever since! Every day since, I get comments and emails from people wanting to know how I make the blog look so interesting, so cool! So I've shared the link and in the last week I am seeing LOTS of cool looking blogs - all using the Windows Live Writer program. Everybody is spreading the word!

If you haven't yet seen it, check it out! It is truly a cool program and very easy to use. Be sure you click to install the available plug-ins in order to the get the most fun from Live Writer! The plug-ins MAKE the program POP with COOLNESS! Here is the direct link to get Windows Live Writer and here is a page on my buddy Pam's site - Pam's discussion of Live Writer and its' many features. I'm really glad Pam encouraged me to use the program or else it would have sat here on my hard drive, unused and me never knowing how fun it was!

Sunday is my Gretchen's 26th birthday! Unbelievable cos I'm only 29 myself! She lives more than 3 hours away from us, so I won't be seeing her. So yesterday I picked out a lovely card for her. It was perfect and expressed exactly how I feel in my heart, about her. I'll mail it along with some birthday "fun" money. Last night Hannah came in my bedroom and saw the card and picked it up and read it, then asked "who's this for?" "Gretchen" I responded... and immediately I saw this strange look come over her face. She said almost beneath her breath "how come you don't get me one like this?" OUCH!!! Well usually I pick "funny" cards that I know will make the kids smile. But in the last year Gretchen has finally graduated after working her way through 7 years of college. She has her first real adult job. She's a grown woman. And I felt the need to say the things the card expressed so beautifully. So I was scrambling to explain to Hannah that I wanted to say these things with all the changes that have taken place in Gretchen's life and with Gretchen living away from us.

But last night I realized that ALL 5 of my kids need to hear these serious words that they are PRECIOUS and mean the world to me - not collectively, but INDIVIDUALLY each one is special. I've been thinking of how I can randomly, spontaneously express this same sentiment to each one of them... starting with Hannah since she revealed the need for it. Hannah is that age that is so trying, 15 yrs old - the time when moms are stupid, out of touch, nosey, embarrassing, etc. BUT they had better be there for you at every turn - WHEN NEEDED! She hurts my feelings a lot, but I am trying to look deeper and see that she really, truly needs and loves me.

I saw a precious book several months ago. Now I can't remember WHERE or what the title was. It was one of those short books - they make them for friends, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers, sons, daughters, etc... that express love and gratitude for these various relationships. This particular one was a great book for mothers to give their daughters expressing the joy they feel for the relationships with their daughters. The day I saw it, I wanted it SO BAD.. 3 copies.. one for each of my girls. But the store had only 2 copies AND I didn't have enough money that week, to be buying the books. So I left the book on the stand. Gosh, I wish I had bought at least one of them. Standing in the store reading it, I was brought to tears over the precious sentiments which expressed my own heart for my girls so well. Where, oh WHERE did I see that book?? Was it a Hallmark rack? A Books-A-Million rack? I'm going out in search of that book and I hope to find 3 copies of it. Though I cannot remember the title, I will recognize the book if I see it. I saw it when we still lived in Panama City - I know that much. Hopefully I can find it here.

I better get off of here... got things to do before school is out. I'll close this post with a couple of pictures of Hannah....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


DSC09500sm "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for He founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters." Psalm 24:1-2

Today is "Earth Day." Though not a fanatic, I do find myself trying to be aware of more things these days, with regards to how we treat the world God has made us stewards over. One of the things that I think is a really great idea and we all can painlessly do - buy those reusable tote bags and USE them! It's the latest rage and you can get them in all styles and all prices from 99 cents up to hundreds of dollars for the designers bags! Now that's crazy - don't go designer unless you have more money than you know what to do with (in that case, help others!)

But the concept is wonderful and it really would make a big difference in landfills, for air quality, and for the trees that enhance life on earth. They are available EVERYWHERE. I did a Google search for Reusable Shopping Bags - take a look! There are lots to choose from. They're FUN! And they will make a difference! What are some things you have incorporated into your lifestyle that are earth friendly?

Poor Katelyn - her team took a whipping last night. They played the team that is "stacked" with last years' all-stars. UGH. I did shoot several pictures of her though...

DSC00283sm DSC00284sm DSC00287sm DSC00286sm

Have a good day friends!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Weekend...

We had a very busy weekend. We went to Niceville, Florida for a Fastpitch Softball Tournament. (Hannah) We were 'guest-playing' for the 14U Crushers from Dothan, Alabama. Hannah played with several of the players at the high school this season, so she was among friends. The kids enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel Saturday night, and the days were long and hot on the ball fields all weekend.

We took Casey (beagle) with us and she was a real trooper! She's used to sleeping her days away in the air conditioning at home, but did wonderful traveling and making new friends at the ball fields. And when she just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer, she curled up with the kids under the tent and passed out! LOL!

The Crushers did very well! They won all their Saturday games and played their way into the Championship game on Sunday. Unfortunately, they ran out of steam and couldn't pull off the championship win, so they came in second place. Not bad though! Hannah said she was GLAD to be playing tournament ball again! She misses it during the winter months. So we have kicked off the 2008 tournament season and the long hot, dusty, ball field days are ahead! This coming weekend we have a local one day tournament (Sat) so that'll be fun! And in about 3 weeks Hannah's own tournament team will be kicking off their season so our guest playing will end at that point.

I got sick over the weekend and felt terrible. What a bummer, cos it was fun being back in softball. I thought it was allergies acting particularly bad at first, then thought it was a cold. But yesterday I was running fever (and was MISERABLY stopped up) so who knows?! It was good to rest in my own bed last night and I'm taking the 'severe cold' meds around the clock so maybe it will leave me alone soon! Katelyn has a rec league ball game tonight, so I'll be back at it tonight. (Tis the season!) I need to take some pictures of her in her game - will try to do that tonight and post them soon.

Well, I'm off of here. Back to the routine of the week (washing!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


DSC00267 This week has started out quite chilly, but today it's supposed to be 75 degrees. This is perfect weather! Despite the heavy rains we've been having on a regular basis, the pollen is still driving me NUTS! Aaaaachoooo! Poor Katelyn is suffering with it as well. She's tired, not sleeping well, dragging during the day. About another month and then we'll get relief from the pollen (until the early fall pollens arrive!)

Our little Casey beagle will be 13 years old next month. Casey now at nearly 13 yrs It's hard to believe we've had her so long. She's turning white in her old age. She used to be a rich, deep coppery brown with shiny jet black and snowy white markings. Now it's all faded and she's getting whiter by the day. She mostly sleeps these days but at least once a day she has a brief play time. She still acts like a puppy during that playtime - the only difference is the duration! LOL! She poops out rather quickly and then has to take a LONG nap to recover. What a sweetie.

This picture to the upper right was taken yesterday - Hannah loving on Casey. The photo to the left was taken about 3 years ago. This was the beginning of the color fading and the need for more sleep during the day. The picture below is of Casey with Rebel, our collie. It was taken back in the late 90's when they were both younger pups. Rebel lives with Gretchen now. He reb-casey-tinywent to college with her several years ago, and Casey stayed home with me. (She's mama's girl!) Rebel is an old man now - 11 1/2 years old. He's still beautiful but his body is feeling the effects of canine old age. It's very difficult for him to get up and he walks with a stiff gait these days. Casey, though older than Rebel, is faring much better with the aging. I guess this is where smaller breeds have an advantage over the larger breeds.

You may remember the hoopla earlier this year when a delightful beagle named Uno won the Best in Show at Westminster this spring - first time ever! This brought respectability to Snoopy and all loveable beagles worldwide. But one thing you should know if you are looking at getting a dog. Beagles are NOT the smartest in the dog world. So if you are looking for intelligence, do NOT get a beagle. But if the thought of owning a little clown who will delight you with his antics and be wholly devoted to you for life brings a smile to your heart, you will not find a better pet in all the world! They are GOOFY beyond description - watch the video at the page linked to Uno's name and you will see this!

Time for me to get up from here and get some wash going! I'll close with a recent family picture, doggies included. The red dog in the picture is Roscoe! He's Rebel's friend. Roscoe belongs to Gretchen's dear sweetie pie, Joe.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Day...

Thank you friends for remembering us yesterday. Everything turned out as expected and there were no surprises. Zach was called before the judge and was fined a total of $315.00 or 32 hours of community service. He has been given until August 14th to settle up. He is debating doing the community service rather than coming up with the money to pay the fine. This would be a good decision since he only works nights and has his days free to do this... go ahead and get it done and get this episode behind him.

I don't know what sort of affect this had on him. He seems to have just gone through it and now it's over and he is going about his business. I hope the impact is deeper than this, and he has decided it's not a place he wants to appear again, and will decide to make some changes in his life. Again, I appreciate the kindness and support and encouragement of friends. Thank ya'll! emot-hug2

Are you guys fans of desktop wallpapers? I LOVE changing my desktop wallpaper on a regular, sometimes even daily basis. Sometimes I use wallpapers I have collected, but oftentimes I use my own photographs. It's a great way to enjoy your pictures! A while back I found a great webshots site which featured a collection of desktop wallpapers. The lady is a photographer and also a Christian. A lot of her wallpapers have scriptures and they are really beautiful! Click HERE to see her beautiful collections. Hopefully this link works without you having to be a member of webshots.

Here's my current desktop. Of course tomorrow it may be a different one! But today I am using a photo I took of my little flowers by the front door. I really like this picture - it makes me smile.


Monday, April 14, 2008


Today at 1:00 p.m. central time, my son Zach has a court appearance. Even typing the words it seems like I must be speaking of someone else and not MY son. But alas, it IS my son. He has had some troubles recently. I would appreciate the prayers of friends as this day goes along. I can't be there, as court is in Panama City, FL and I'm in Dothan, AL but Bobby will be there with him.

I really hope this will serve as a wake-up call to him, to get his life on track and stop engaging in foolish, sinful behaviors that lead to destruction. He has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.
Why do kids think they can do things and it will be alright...that there will be no consequences... that they can handle things that shouldn't be handled, but should be fled from?

On a totally different subject, you can go to this website Healthy Dining Finder and type in your location. The search tool will return restaurants in your area and you can click on them to see the healthy options they serve, along with their nutritional information. Cool huh!

Ya'll have a good day. Thanks for visiting and thank you to those who will remember to pray for us today.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love in Action...

Is this precious or what!? I saw it in my Youtube.com surfing.

What a sweetheart! She didn't seem afraid at all! It would be hard not to be afraid if someone jumped in the car on you like this. She's definitely a special little lady and this is a MIGHTY sermon on love and forgiveness... more so than any that would be preached from a pulpit.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogger Question

Well it's a day away from the weekend/payday and that's a good thing! We owe every dime of the paycheck but at least we'll have it, to pay things that are [past] due.

I have a question today. It concerns the blogger engine. I've been noticing that when I include a picture in my posts, that sometimes the pictures are clickable (to show them enlarged) and sometimes they are not. This is puzzling to me because I always upload them to my posts the exact same way.

I click on the little "picture" image across the top of the message body. It brings up a window to browse for the image I want to use and then has me select what size I want the image to be in my post - small, medium or large. Then it has me to select the location where my photo will be within the post, in relation to the text- top, bottom, center, left, right etc. Then it uploads and there it is! Only some of them will be clickable and others will not.

This has been bugging me as I want them all to be clickable. I usually show them as the size small thumbnail in the body of the post, so I want you to be able to click them in order to actually SEE what the picture is! : )

If anyone can shed light on why this "clickability" is inconsistent - leave me a comment, please! I sure would 'prechate it!

Well I gotta go - the pest control guy is coming over to do some paperwork. We are transferring the preexisting termite contract into our names. Boy is that expensive! We had no idea - and lucky us, it is the treatment year, so it's higher this year! UGH! Oh, the joys (that we didn't realize) of home ownership!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Big "O" - Could She Be Dangerous To Your Soul?

Is Oprah leading people astray? Does she just have some "unusual beliefs" which she voices now and then, or is she actually preaching a false religion in such a way as to lead even Christians astray? Take a couple of minutes and watch this video (which is really mild; I've heard Oprah make more "red flag" statements while watching her show. )

You can also Read here and give careful attention, thought and prayer to this article. It is lengthy, but I feel it is VERY important. There are numerous articles online, which discuss this subject. Another can be found here.

In light of what we learn as we research her beliefs, should we as Christians continue to watch and support Oprah (and indoctrinate ourselves mentally and thus spiritually to that which is false and leads to eternal destruction?) I myself have watched Oprah, though not on a regular basis. When I see a commercial advertising an episode that looks interesting to me, I try to remember to watch that day. Over the years I've seen some pretty bizarre statements made on that show by Oprah herself, as well as the guests she carefully handpicks and endorses. My "red flag" has gone up many times while watching, but I never really perceived it as personally dangerous. Now I do. What she continually "preaches" DOES enter AND influence the minds and hearts of those who regularly sit under this "teaching" i.e. entertainment. And now Oprah is promoting "A New Earth" and "A Course in Miracles."

It is NOT good to sit under the steady teachings of one who promotes a gospel which is not true. Be not deceived. Research this for yourself. "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many are they which go therein." Matt 7:13.

Monday, April 07, 2008

These Rainy Days... and Revisiting Middle Earth

It was a very rainy weekend here. It poured and poured and poured! It messed up my pretty little flower bed! : / After the rain finally ended, I went out and scooped the washed away mulch out of the driveway, stood the poor little battered flowers back up and propped them a bit with some of the mulch nuggets. I hope they get re-established again soon... before the next forecast rain!

Yesterday afternoon TNT cable channel showed the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy - all three movies, back to back. Somehow, we got hooked into it during the first one, and spent the rest of the day watching the battle in middle earth! It finally ended about 11:00 pm last night! I couldn't help but to think of Nancze while watching it. I remembered how she loved those movies, the characters, the symbolism. It IS a great story! "Samwise" continues to impress me deeply with his faithfulness, his loyalty, his purity of heart. I know Frodo was perhaps the main character (although I thought this was such a strong cast, there were no main characters!) but it is Sam who I love so much...What a gentle and loving soul! And Aragorn - brave, wise, passionate, courageous, loyal. There are so many good lessons to be taken from these movies... so many character lessons and life lessons.
I was sad to see that actor/activist Charlton Heston passed away over the weekend. He was a man among men in Hollywood. A traditional man of values and morals, Heston was one of the few remaining American patriots among the Hollywood crowd.

Well, I am off to shower and get this day going. I have a few errands to run while the girls are in school. Only about 7 more weeks left in this school year - I can't believe it! Time goes by so swiftly. I am reminded to make it count.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

27 Years Ago (or was it yesterday?)

On this day 27 years ago, I gave birth to my firstborn. Scared to death and wishing/wondering if there was any way to get out of this! I desperately wanted my baby, but was terrified of what I might go through in order to get him here! It turned out well enough (and I can say that NOW! HA!) but was certainly not a picnic. I began labor around 8:30 p.m. on the evening of April 3 and he was born on the 4th at 4:40 a.m. (I think! After 5 kids it gets hard to remember these things.) Eight hours is not so bad for a first labor, but it was tough because I was a 4' 11" tall, very petite little mother and the baby was in the birth canal presenting in a posterior position.

This means the baby is still head down, but facing your tummy rather than the ideal position, facing the mother's back. Mothers of babies in the 'posterior' position are more likely to have long and painful labors (and I did with respect to the pain!) as the baby usually has to turn all the way round to facing the back in order to be born. He cannot fully flex his head in this position, and the diameter of his head which has to enter the pelvis first is significantly larger. In every day language, it means he must make a wider path in which to travel into the world. UGH!

It was the scariest thing I can recall ever experiencing, but when I finally saw him, he was the most beautiful and amazing sight! I was overjoyed and brimming with love for this tiny, miraculous creature! MY BABY! I can't believe it has been 27 years! Aren't I only 29?? Time can sometimes seem to drag on but looking back over my life - it all happened so quickly.

Happy 27th Birthday to my dear Nathan, firstborn of 5 beautiful treasures God has entrusted to me. Last week Hannah turned 15! In a couple of weeks Gretchen will be 26, and about 3 weeks later Katelyn will be 11! In January Zach turned 19! WOW! Just can't believe it! The picture below was taken this past Thanksgiving and is the most recent of all the family together.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This afternoon I went outside and shot several photos of my little flower bed. Can you tell we are all so entralled with this beautiful little splash of color that greets us at the front door!? Have I mentioned that it's FUN having your own home where you can decorate inside and out - to your heart's content (or til the cash runs out!?) : )

Every time I walk past these flowers, I smile. Something about them brings a little cheer to my heart. They stand so tall and proud and colorful - brilliantly colorful! I planted several Gerbera Daisies in the midst of a bed of bright red Salvia.

Today I want to share a bit of this cheer with you. Maybe you have huge, immaculate, dazzling, well planned beds all around your grounds. If so, INDULGE me a little! : ) I know this isn't much but it's a start! A nice little cheery start...

The daisies are SO cheerful! And then there's the salvia - it's small right now. The plants are young now, but they will grow and FILL this little bed with their brilliant red color. To the right of our front door was a nice bed of beautiful Mexican Heather. The cold weather got it but a worker at a local garden center told me to cut it back to the ground and it would very likely come back again. So this past week I did that and within 24 hours every brown clump was sending out fresh green shoots with tiny new leaves. I hope it grows fast as it looks rather bare and ugly right now. When we first looked at this house that bed of heather looked so beautiful. If it doesn't come back as pretty, I'll pull it up and replant.

Well, it's time for me to get Katelyn rustled off to bed. One last picture... Casey beagle says come back again soon! : )