Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Wow, the weekend went by in a blur for me. Hannah's birthday was Saturday and so us girls went out to lunch at Rodeo's (Mexican) and then went to the mall so she could spend her birthday money on some Rainbow Flip-Flops. She has wanted them FOREVER but I never could bring myself to spend 49.00 on FLIP-FLOPS! Good grief! BUT it was her birthday money and this is what she wanted, so it's all good! They DO look like well made flip-flops, but STILL! : /
Her big sister Gretchen sent her some Bare Minerals make-up. She was very excited about that after spending a weekend with Gretchen recently, and getting a "make-up session" with this make-up. Now to get a job so she can afford to buy it for herself! LOL! Now that she is 15, she is seriously looking for a part-time job so she can start purchasing her own clothes and things, and start saving some money as well. SMART GIRL!

On Saturday Katelyn had her opening day for Dixie Girls softball. They didn't keep score since it was opening day. That could be a good thing! : ) Lots of young girls went out for softball so they had 10 teams out there in this league. It should be a fun couple of months!

Other things happened this weekend that were not so good. I just don't feel able to talk about them at this time. So to keep this post on an upbeat note - I'll just stop here for now. I think I'll go pot up some left over flowers. I fixed a nice little flower bed this past week and had a few leftovers to pot up. Katelyn was so excited to see the flower bed and I realized that we've never had a pretty little flower bed since she's been alive! SAD! It's good to have a home at last, after so many years of renting.

Soooo.. I'm off to get my hands dirty! : )

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Mary said...

Wow, Lynn. What took you so long! :) This is a morning I can't linger over the computer, but I just wanted to welcome you back. I'll be back to read your blog. Congratulations on your new house. That's marvelous news!

Love, Mary