Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just Thinkin...

Sometimes it is so painful, being a parent. Kids are wonderful and bring a lot of joy to life. But they can also wound you deeply. It hurts when you read things your kids have written (on Myspace) stating how they aren't close to you at all, don't get along with you at all, don't share things that are on their mind with you, insinuate they don't like spending time with you, etc etc.

Gosh... and I thought we were pretty good friends. Sigh. I'm sure I'm loved, but it is so sad to me, that some of my kids feel they have no relationship with me, nor even seem to want one.

I was so crazy about my mom and loved spending time with her and we spent hours upon hours sharing thoughts, hopes, dreams, friendships. There is so very little that I couldn't, or wouldn't, or didn't tell my Mama. She was my BEST friend.

Then there are those wonderful kids who make very poor choices and seem determined to ruin their lives. : ( Of course they don't see it that way or they would never deliberately make those choices. Maybe they see it as being able to "have their cake and eat it too?" Maybe they perceive their poor choices won't really harm them (or any one else.) We can't remove the blinders from another person's eyes, though we may try so very hard to help them see the truth. Until they WANT to see the truth and live life in LIGHT OF THE TRUTH - it won't happen. So we can only pray God keeps those children safe (and alive) until their eyes are opened and their hearts (and lives) change.

Then there are those wonderful young children who are so easily influenced and who are watching everything the older ones do and say - good AND bad. The possibilities can strike fear in a parent's heart if they are seeing some "not so admirable behavior."

Then there are those wonderful kids who have gone through the growing up process and the sometimes poor decisions and resulting consequences, and have now come out on the other side (as productive, happy, well adjusted, wonderful adults.) They give me hope!!

I love every one of my children for different reasons. There are different things about each one of them that endear me to them and make that one child so special! There are things about each one that get under my skin as well! HA HA! I guess every parent feels that way! : )

One thing I want with each one of them though, is a precious relationship that they will remember and cherish long after I am dead and gone. I'd like to start enjoying those relationships TODAY.

Off to run some errands...

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Julie said...

Yes!!!....I didn't know you had this blog, so I've just added you to my reads. I'm sure you will find it really quick to update since it does a lot of the organising for you with comments and such, which is really nice.

I do hear your disappointment and heart burdened for your kids. I would hurt too to read such things. The greatest gift you can give your kids is to pray for them. Until their spiritual eyes are open, they won't even begin to understand, they can't. Hold on to the truth that says "Bring up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older, he won't depart from it". Yes, for a time, they might try and be cool and get their feet, establish themselves amonst their peers, but you know what, they know without a shadow of a doubt they are loved to bits. You also know that if the chips were down, you are the one constant in their lives who would be there for them no matter what. Unfortunately amongst kids on Utube and the like, they want to seem cool. If making out they're all grown up, no need of mom and dad and their values, seems to be cool, then they might do or say things they don't really feel, for approval of their mates. As I said, I'm sure you know and they know, if it comes to the crunch, there is a bond with family that you just don't have in the same way with friends. Their friends will change so much over the next 10 years or so, family is the one constant. All we can do is give them a good grounding in the Lord and God's values, then entrust them into his sure keeping knowing that wherever life takes them, He will always have His hand upon them.

You're a wonderful Mom, you know that and they know that. Just give them time, and just bathe them in prayer my sweet friend.