Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Wow, the weekend went by in a blur for me. Hannah's birthday was Saturday and so us girls went out to lunch at Rodeo's (Mexican) and then went to the mall so she could spend her birthday money on some Rainbow Flip-Flops. She has wanted them FOREVER but I never could bring myself to spend 49.00 on FLIP-FLOPS! Good grief! BUT it was her birthday money and this is what she wanted, so it's all good! They DO look like well made flip-flops, but STILL! : /
Her big sister Gretchen sent her some Bare Minerals make-up. She was very excited about that after spending a weekend with Gretchen recently, and getting a "make-up session" with this make-up. Now to get a job so she can afford to buy it for herself! LOL! Now that she is 15, she is seriously looking for a part-time job so she can start purchasing her own clothes and things, and start saving some money as well. SMART GIRL!

On Saturday Katelyn had her opening day for Dixie Girls softball. They didn't keep score since it was opening day. That could be a good thing! : ) Lots of young girls went out for softball so they had 10 teams out there in this league. It should be a fun couple of months!

Other things happened this weekend that were not so good. I just don't feel able to talk about them at this time. So to keep this post on an upbeat note - I'll just stop here for now. I think I'll go pot up some left over flowers. I fixed a nice little flower bed this past week and had a few leftovers to pot up. Katelyn was so excited to see the flower bed and I realized that we've never had a pretty little flower bed since she's been alive! SAD! It's good to have a home at last, after so many years of renting.

Soooo.. I'm off to get my hands dirty! : )

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Little About our Recent Move...

At the end of January we moved. After many months of searching for a house in Bay County Florida, we realized that we would never be able to afford to buy in that area. Panama City, Florida is a resort/tourist area and everything is very expensive there. If one can find an affordable house, then there are the property taxes and homeowners insurance to deal with as well. Obviously the danger of hurricanes drives these prices way up there. It was beginning to look very bleak.

So... feeling our age, and seeing the dream of buying there slipping away - we began to look inland. Just 13 miles across the Florida/Alabama state line and a mere 1 1/2 hours from the coast, is a lovely community, a gracious southern city in our "home state" Alabama, where we found a house that was just perfect for us. It was on the high end of what we could afford but we made the decision, bought the house - and we moved.

This is our new home. It's about 300 more sq. feet than what we had in the rental house in Florida. It's only 4 years old and has been well cared for, so is in like new condition. It's just very comfortable and we are enjoying living here so much. Who would have thought it! Here we are in our 50s and FINALLY buying our own home. The picture at the top of this post is a view of our wonderful screened patio! The sun sets over the backyard in the evenings and I am just looking forward to spending some peaceful time out on the patio when the weather warms a little more. You can click on these pictures for a little better view.

The girls made the school change adjustments very well and have adapted well into life here. What a relief this was for my heart. I knew Hannah would protest loudly against the move, but assimilate easily once here. She makes friends easily and is a good athlete, so I knew things would fall into place for her. Any concerns were quickly relieved as Hannah made friends, made the JV softball team and earned a starting position there. They ended their season undefeated! It was a lot of fun to be with this team. So all is well with Hannah.

It was Katelyn I was worried about. She has struggled in school for several years. Some years she had a terrible teacher... some years her teacher was good, but classroom discipline made learning nearly impossible. So Katelyn has struggled in school.

Imagine my joy (for her!) when she proudly presented her first report card to me this week. She made the HONOR ROLL! It has been YEARS since she made such good grades! She LOVES her teacher here and is doing so well here. She will end her elementary school years on a very positive note and feel good about heading into the middle school environment. I'm just so happy to see her feeling good about herself and seeing her self esteem rise.

I'm doing ok. I do miss being able to go out to the beach when I need some peaceful time to be outdoors in nature. The surroundings were definitely beautiful there. And I miss my friend Karol. We used to get together about once a week and meet up for a bike ride, or for a little window shopping around town (always at Hobby Lobby!) We always made a Starbucks run as well. : ) It was nice to visit, to talk, to share whatever was on our minds. I always enjoyed the time we spent together. On our last visit before the move, we took this picture.

The positives far outweigh the negatives in this move. It was the best thing for our family. Right now I am enjoying the anonymous status. I haven't assimilated into life here... but that's ok. I need this time to regroup spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and in my efforts to live healthy. I've slipped off the bandwagon of good health and know that I need to turn this around again, PRONTO! It was a year ago this very month that I ended up in the cardiac unit of the hospital! This is a place I do not want to revisit! I will be starting over, re-establishing the good habits I formed after that hospitalization.

Well, this is long. I'll share some more another day. Julie, thanks for visiting me here and for your encouragement in your comment.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just Thinkin...

Sometimes it is so painful, being a parent. Kids are wonderful and bring a lot of joy to life. But they can also wound you deeply. It hurts when you read things your kids have written (on Myspace) stating how they aren't close to you at all, don't get along with you at all, don't share things that are on their mind with you, insinuate they don't like spending time with you, etc etc.

Gosh... and I thought we were pretty good friends. Sigh. I'm sure I'm loved, but it is so sad to me, that some of my kids feel they have no relationship with me, nor even seem to want one.

I was so crazy about my mom and loved spending time with her and we spent hours upon hours sharing thoughts, hopes, dreams, friendships. There is so very little that I couldn't, or wouldn't, or didn't tell my Mama. She was my BEST friend.

Then there are those wonderful kids who make very poor choices and seem determined to ruin their lives. : ( Of course they don't see it that way or they would never deliberately make those choices. Maybe they see it as being able to "have their cake and eat it too?" Maybe they perceive their poor choices won't really harm them (or any one else.) We can't remove the blinders from another person's eyes, though we may try so very hard to help them see the truth. Until they WANT to see the truth and live life in LIGHT OF THE TRUTH - it won't happen. So we can only pray God keeps those children safe (and alive) until their eyes are opened and their hearts (and lives) change.

Then there are those wonderful young children who are so easily influenced and who are watching everything the older ones do and say - good AND bad. The possibilities can strike fear in a parent's heart if they are seeing some "not so admirable behavior."

Then there are those wonderful kids who have gone through the growing up process and the sometimes poor decisions and resulting consequences, and have now come out on the other side (as productive, happy, well adjusted, wonderful adults.) They give me hope!!

I love every one of my children for different reasons. There are different things about each one of them that endear me to them and make that one child so special! There are things about each one that get under my skin as well! HA HA! I guess every parent feels that way! : )

One thing I want with each one of them though, is a precious relationship that they will remember and cherish long after I am dead and gone. I'd like to start enjoying those relationships TODAY.

Off to run some errands...