Friday, December 19, 2008




Focusing on the little things that bring a smile... or a sweet memory. Every year when I see Hannah tenderly unwrap this little Santa from all his tissue and bubble wrap and carefully place him on a sturdy branch - I SMILE. When she was a little kid she received this ornament from our neighbor who lived two doors down - a teenager.  Emily was Gretchen's age, and a teenager in high school when she gave this gift to Hannah along with a framed photo of the two of them hanging out together at Emily's house. Hannah was just a little girl then... maybe 5 years old at most. 

She LOVED going down to the Mielke's house.  They always had animals..dogs, rabbits, hamsters, fish... you name it!  And Mr Dan was always cookin' up special treats that he might let you sample if you showed up at just the right time! Miss Yvonne was always welcoming, always had a hug and smile to give you... always interested in what was on your mind.  There was Emily who always played with Hannah, played board games with her and included her in whatever she was doing and made her feel special, like a big girl! And there was always our Zach and Emily's younger brother Andrew to play ball with in the side yard. I never worried when my little ones were up there because Emily's mama and daddy treated mine just like their own!

From all our kids growing up in the deep south in a history-rich  town nestled on the banks of the Alabama River, in an old historic district which was half revived from the previous century - we retain some of our very best memories!

Our block was filled with families young and old, who actually became a FAMILY! We had babies together. We had the "grandparents" of the block who enjoyed watching our children grow up.  They always had time to listen to the important things that little people had to talk about! We had the other young families scattered up and down the block so every child had several "mothers" looking out for them. We visited in each other's homes and spent many happy hours sitting in rockers on our southern front porches, watching our children playing in side yards. Sometimes we had to break up fusses and disputes and send kids home to cool off.  LOL!  Within hours they were right back together again, the disagreement long forgotten!

We ate meals together. We admired lost teeth, good school work, crafty creations.. of ALL the neighborhood children and not just our own.  We watched the city's huge 4th of July fireworks from the backyard in the neighborhood that had the best view. Elderly Mrs Pope had a sweet spirit and a backyard with a clear view to just over the trees where the fireworks were launched in the city stadium parking lot... just across the creek from our neighborhood. Everyone brought their lawn chair and a cool drink (and mosquito repellant!) and positioned themselves in her backyard to "oooh" and "aaaah" over each brilliant rocket that fired and lit the summer skies - in our sleepy southern small town. Afterwards as we each made our way back to our houses, you could hear the laughter of kids and the conversations of adults, carrying in the slight humid breezes of the  summer night air. And as we stepped onto our porches, we would turn around and wave "GOOD NIGHT! See ya'll tomorrow!" And we would.

All our children came to each other's birthday parties year in and year out. They were usually simple yard parties where games were played... or slip and slide was brought out... simple parties. And those children grew up right before our eyes.. but we didn't notice at the time.  We were living "in the day."

I used to think we were practically poor back in those days, struggling to raise a growing young family. And it was a struggle but now looking back, I see that we were rich. Rich in friendship... rich in playmates... rich in compassionate shoulders to cry upon... rich in generous friends who regularly opened their homes... rich in encouragement when times were hard... rich in laughter and love on a daily basis. We were RICH!! And I didn't even know it! 


Today Emily is married and has two children of her own and lives several states away! Her brothers are married as well. Mr Dan and Miss Yvonne live alone in the big old house now... and in the old neighborhood still. There are no little children running in and out from house to house, begging for cool water and a treat at each stop. There are no longer the "block grandparents" for sadly, they have mostly died.  Our favorite "grandparents" moved. The families grew up; they moved away. The houses in our old block are mostly vacant and run down - worn by time and neglect... perhaps missing the life that used to grace them and keep them strong and sturdy. 

I wonder how often Dan and Yvonne walk out their front door and PAUSE... and see the ghosts of children playing in the side yard.. see the porch rockers swaying slightly in a breeze and recall the hours spent there visiting with friends. I wonder if they look to the left, down the block which used to be vibrant with life - and in their minds conjure again, the sight of neighbors sweeping sidewalks, kids on bikes, on skates, in wagons, on little hot wheels... kids drawing with chalk on the sidewalks... neighbors waving from their front porch and calling out "come on down!" I wonder if they cherish the memories as much as I do!

Hannah FONDLY remembers life in Selma... on the banks of the Alabama River... in the old Historic Riverview neighborhood... where she had a dozen siblings, at least half that many mamas and daddies, and grandparents galore! Every day was fun. Every day was filled with laughter and love. Every day was an adventure with the old historic cemetery to explore behind our back yard, and the creek at the end of the block... and the river just two blocks over... and friends, blessed friends just steps away from our front door.  Those were best times of her life, she said.

Yes they were... and I didn't even know it at the time.

(Merry Christmas Emily!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 Days Til Christmas 2008.... 10 Days Til It's Over....


Trodding along here... enduring. I photographed another of my favorite ornaments hanging on the tree. I really like this one. I love the prophecies from the Old Testament, foretelling of the birth of the Messiah.

I have an idea, if I only had the money to do it.  I bought this one from Family Christian Store in the Panama City Mall several years ago after Christmas. Anyway, I'd like to buy a number of these ornaments with various prophecy scriptures on them, and wire them into a thick garland, weave a gold ribbon through the length of the garland with gold bows to accompany the scrolls. Weave tiny white lights throughout... maybe a gold trumpet here and there... can you picture it!?  The names of the coming Messiah, Jesus, as foretold in the Old Testament... strung along the length of the garland. I think it would make a nice royal looking garland for the mantel. Basically it would be in earthy colors, similar to this ornament to the left.

I've had this idea in mind for several years now, but never had the extra money to purchase any more of  the ornaments like the one above. At the time I bought mine, they had different ones - "Prince of Peace"... "Lamb of God"... the one above that says "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God".. all were scrolled like this one. I haven't even been in a store this holiday season so I don't know if they still carry this line of ornaments at the Family Christian Bookstore. I hope they do. I hope they keep them year to year, until I am able to buy them! I'll be sad if I never get to make that garland.

As you might imagine, I have some patriotic ornaments on the tree as well. One of them is a Snoopy I bought for Gretchen several years ago. She was excited about getting to vote for Bush that year! I really was proud of her interest, her thirst for knowledge and her duty of participation. So When I saw the "VOTE" ornament, I knew she had to have it! The flag goes on the tree every year! (LONG MAY SHE WAVE OVER THE LAND OF THE FREE & BRAVE) I would love to have some of the White House ornaments on our tree, especially from the Reagan and Bush years, but never could afford to purchase any.

Santa Claus LOVES the Alabama Crimson Tide!! Even Hallmark knew that! They featured a Santa ornament several years ago with Santa dressed in his Crimson Tide sweats!  We have quite a few Alabama ornaments on the tree... here are two of those ornaments.

In a couple of days I'll post a few more pictures of treasured ornaments. I like photographing them!

On another subject, there are some good articles on JackLewis.Net.  Check it out. The articles are brief, easy reading, to the point. The top article today was a shocker. Firefox has topped ZDNet's  list of 12 most vulnerable apps!  I don't use Firefox but I know a lot of you do! I never could really get comfortable with it, and continued to come

up on some sites that just would not display properly, if at all, in Firefox.  After giving it a try, I decided I was more comfortable with IE. If you are a Firefox fan, you may want to check the article.

One more ornament for today. It's a snowman that my friend Susan sent to me a couple of years ago. I can never place it on the tree without immediately thinking of Susan! WHO loves snowmen more than her!? LOL!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bits and Pieces...

Several years ago I took some pictures of various ornaments on the Christmas tree. Like most of you, I collect ornaments and every year when I unpack them and handle each one, I remember the Christmas it came to reside on our tree. I remember some of the circumstances (whether good or bad) of that year. Isn't it wonderful how looking at things can bring back memories associated with another time and place in our lives! I haven't taken any pictures yet, this year. But I did dig through my picture folder and retrieve several I had taken on previous Christmas seasons.

This Peanuts ornament is one of my favorites (get used to the phrase "one of my favorites! Everything I hang on the tree is "one of my favorites!" LOL!) But I do love the simplicity, the whimsy, the purity of this ornament. It's just plain SWEET!! And it is God's transforming truth for a lost world... "Unto you is born a Son..a Savior, tis Christ the Lord!"

Another ornament that is just plain SWEETNESS to my heart is this one...Christopher Robin reading to Pooh! Every time I look at this one, I smile and my heart gets a warm feeling. My Zach was a Pooh lover when he was a little boy. So when I see Pooh I think of my baby Zachary. These are pleasant memories so I love that silly ole bear!

We have lots of ornaments on our tree that feature Pooh and his friends at the Hundred Acre Wood. Yes we do love that silly ole bear and his friends!

And this pewter heart ornament is special because it represents friendship across the miles. It's from my friend Tera who lives WAY UP NORTH... a LONG way from where I am in the deep south! I LOVE the ornament and I love Tera and Jason and Emma! Their friendship is precious to me.  I'll share some more special ornaments over the next several day. But today I'll end with this sweet heart... it's appropriate!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


 j0313791 Sigh... things are just NOT going well around here! Feeling so NOT in the Christmas spirit, it took every ounce of energy I could summon to go up into the attic and drag out the Christmas boxes this past weekend.  Katelyn was worrying me to death, anxious to  bring out the Christmas things. We assembled tree #1... a normal sized 61/2 ft artificial pre-lit tree (we have some serious allergy issues with bringing a live pine tree in the house!) Got it together, got all the branches fanned out nicely and plugged it in. Well wouldn't you know.. a row around the top and a row around the bottom would not light up. So we had two large sections of the tree that remained dark!  Poor Bobby crawled up underneath the tree and got all into the wiring of that pre-lit tree to try and discover why these lights were out. After about two hours of fruitless effort, he crawled out, yanked the tree apart, mumbled something under his breath as he took it outside and put it on the curb for garbage pickup. Thirty minutes later it was gone (someone stopped and picked it up - good luck to you, "someone!")

Back into the attic to drag out tree #2... a very large, full tree we used one Christmas several years ago. It was pretty but way too big for our house. But out it came. It's not pre-lit so we had to also search for enough strings of lights to go around it. Alas, we couldn't find them. So off we went to Wal-Mart where Bobby convinced me that we should buy those led lights this time because the other lights would be phased out of production soon, and we would not be able to buy replacement bulbs. So we bought them.  Two boxes. I told him it would take at least 3 and more likely, 4.  He would shortly learn that I was right but hey, they have to learn the hard way, right.  We got home, he strung the 2 strings of lights, and they made it halfway down the tree! UGH...

Mad about having to go back to Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon in December - he went very grudgingly. Came back with two j0331489 - Copy more strings of lights and put them on the tree. Then he sat down in a huff and said he was THROUGH - the rest of it was my job! Those  lights looked a strange shade of dull blue, but I dared not say a word! They looked very strange... but I kept quiet. Got that tree all decorated and turned it on and it was AWFUL! Those lights were DARK. They didn't look like regular lights at all and they cast no light on their surroundings, so all the ornaments were in virtual darkness. All you could see was these strange pale bluish lights.

Monday morning I got up and took another look. I hated it!! The girls hated it!!  They said it was ugly and embarrassing!  LOL! So when Bobby called later and asked how the tree looked when it was all finished, I said "UGLY!" Long story short... he said "take the lights back then!"  Oh my goodness! That was not something I wanted to contemplate! But after I hung the garland on the mantel and plugged in the tiny j0434407lights for it - and they glowed with their soft golden light like warm little candles - that tree looked even uglier!!!  It WAS embarrassing! The two did NOT go together in the same room.

So yesterday afternoon I took off every decoration. Then I took off all those lights (and carefully repackaged them) and then I went back into the attic and searched every box until I found the lights that had been bought for this huge tree several years ago. Found all but one string, I restrung lights, redecorated that tree and finished up about 12:30 a.m. this morning. It had been about an 8-9 hour ordeal from start to finish!  This morning I took those (UGLY)lights back to Wal-Mart and they gave me a gift card for that amount. I promptly turned around and went back to the seasonal aisle and bought the candy, lifesaver books, candy canes, gum etc.. for all the stockings.

The tree looks so much better even though it is far too large for our living room. But it has a nice warm golden glow now. Of course j0295218all the boxes and mess are strewn all over the living room still.. so today I need to clean up the mess, find some other decorations and complete this task of Christmas decorating. Katelyn said "hurry up and get the presents under the tree!"  Presents??  Bah humbug! There are no presents. Tough year kid.. be glad your daddy still has a job at all. (They've laid off a number of folks, and his hours are  limited.)  A competitor company across town closed their doors this past Friday.. a shock to the employees who were told on Wednesday.. given two days notice, two weeks before Christmas.  This is so sad. Bobby worked there until about a year ago. It could have been us receiving this news. We've been there before, where these friends are now - back in 2001 after 9-11. I DON'T want to revisit that horrible time.

j0436274Then I had an idea... go back up to the attic and bring down all those cute little gift boxes I have collected over time. They are  adorable and would surely dress up the tree!!! Of course there would be much weeping and wailing in the land come Christmas morning when they discover those boxes are empty, put there only for decoration!  I better not do that. Much better to have to face and deal with reality now, than to be on the cruel end of a decorating scheme come Christmas morning.

I've heard some of the guys on talk radio (Glenn Beck specifically) say that this Christmas is hard, yet people are buying gifts as best they can. But he predicts next Christmas in America will be so drastically different that we won't recognize it... that people will be worried about buying food instead of presents next Christmas.

Can this really be true? Of course it can... it's already "next Christmas" in our household.

FOCUS..... Got..... to......FOCUS.......... bjs1

Monday, December 01, 2008

Wanna Play?

He's very gentle and loves to play! You can click the center of his wheel and he'll run on it. You can click anywhere in the box to drop pellets for him to eat. He'll drink if he's thirsty. If you move the pointer around, he'll chase after it! What a sweet little furball!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving in Pictures...

We traveled to my sister's house about 2 hours north of where we live. All my kids were there, my brother and his kids were there, and my sister's family was there, of course. All present and accounted for! Nathan brought his girlfriend Amelia, and of course the engaged couple (Gretchen and Joe) came!  The doggies enjoyed their annual get together, minus dear Rebel. He was so missed - his happy face and wagging tail. : ( 

It was a wonderful day, as it always is. This is my FAVORITE holiday because it's not overtaken with commercialism - it's all about people, relationships, families, visiting, thanking God for His blessings, talking, laughing, cousins playing and talking... just enjoying being together. And the good food is just the icing on the cake!

A few pictures from our day -









Now the Christmas countdown begins - the holiday I DON'T like so much anymore. The focus has shifted to extreme commercialism which puts hardship on families struggling financially, just to keep food and shelter (a category we fall into unfortunately.) Once Thanksgiving has passed, I grit my teeth and endure til January. Sigh. I wish it were not that way.

But it IS what it is...

Saturday, November 22, 2008




VICTORY IN IRAQ DAY! The mainstream media might not acknowledge the success and the courage and convictions of those who would defend freedom everywhere in the world - but the blog world does!  Visit the link to see some wonderful pictures!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Lighthearted Post...

It seems like all my posts have been so heavy over the past month or so - I guess it's because my heart has been heavy, burdened with troubles on both a personal and a national level. These are trying times. But there HAS been some good stuff going on!  Candesktop11-08 you say #1 in the nation!?!?!  Yes indeed! My Alabama Crimson Tide football team is #1 in the nation! They are undefeated going into the last regular season game against in-state rival Auburn.  They are bound for the SEC Championship game in early December to face those incorrigible Florida Gators! What a game that will be! But first things first... ROLL TIDE ROLL!!  Beat Auburn!!!

In honor of the SPECTACULAR season the Crimson Tide has been enjoying, my desktop has been all BAMA! Some of you know how I enjoy changing out my desktop wallpaper, sometimes even changing it several times a day! LOL!  But I have kept this same wallpaper for a couple of weeks now. You can click on it to see it enlarged.

Baby, it's COLD in the deep south today! We've had a little cold front come through and our temperatures have nose-dived! I'm talking mid 20s for lows and low 50s for highs, with a chilly wind to boot! And that's COLD for the deep south in November! Of course it's time for things to cool down but I always shudder when it happens, for it means winter is coming. I don't see how so many of you endure the brutal winters up north! Brrrr!

Thank you for the couple of comments on the previous Veteran's Day post. It's hard for me to look at such a picture as that and not be moved to tears, with emotion and pride. That picture said more than a thousand words could ever convey. Perhaps that is why so few commented - they were rendered speechless maybe?

clip_image001An interesting link before I go today.  You can click on the stamp to the left, to read about our Muslim Holiday postage stamp. Did you know we have one?? And note that this is in commemoration of a feast to celebrate the end of the month long fasting of Ramadan, and also "to commemorate  the willingness of the 'prophet' Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael in response to God's command..."  Did you catch that? The LIE?

My, how they TWIST truth! The bible tells us that in a test of faith and trust, Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac, the son of promise! We all know that  Abraham [passed the test] was willing to obey God to the very point that he raised his knife against his son, but God stopped him!  And in His mercy, God provided a ram to be sacrificed instead. Isaac is the child God promised, the royal lineage!! Ishmael is the counterfeit, born of the bondwoman, not the free! Yet Muslims believe through Ishmael, is God's chosen lineage. Isaac's lineage is the house of Israel (the line of Jesus, and the line through which we have been adopted as sons and daughters.) Ishmael's descendants are of the Arab world. Thus the NEVER ENDING WAR between the Arabs and the house of Israel... all because Abraham and Sarah grew impatient waiting for the child God promised, and devised their own human plan to gain an heir. HOW SAD. To this very day the counterfeit attempts to usurp the place of Israel. AND THE WHOLE WORLD SUFFERS BECAUSE OF IT.

That's it for today...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008



This sight stirs the very soul. One generation thanking another, for serving.

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier.

One died for your soul; the other for your freedom.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Brief Election Wrap and Onto Other Things...

Isn't it interesting how the same thing can be viewed in such opposite ways!?  It's all in one's perspective I guess! No?  I feel our UNITEDDIVIDED country is more divided than EVER at this point in time.

People have said with tears streaming down their faces, that Martin Luther King's "dream" has come true.  NO IT HAS NOT!!! Martin's dream was that one day his children would be judged by the content of their character and NOT by the color of their skin. The election of Barack Hussein Obama is not a realization of MLK's dream. We were never allowed to learn about Obama's character BECAUSE of the color of his skin. To ask about his CHARACTER would be racist.

It should  be noted that 95% of blacks voted for Obama, many of those shamelessly stating his race as the reason. 43% of whites nationwide, voted for Obama, which was a percentage point stronger than previous democratic candidates. Race appears not to have been an issue at all, with white voters. So, sadly MLK's own race remains trapped in racism, unwilling to unshackle themselves and begin to judge people rightly, according to the content of  their character.big_1600297

We are now headed for "change" and having already received a preview of some of that change, I DO NOT WISH OBAMA  SUCCESS IN OFFICE. Socialism is a FAILED agenda - We are witnessing European countries who are abandoning failed socialism and reaching for democracy. Why would I wish Obama success in implementing proven failed socialist policies in our country?

I would imagine that soon, many of those who voted for Obama will begin to experience "buyer's remorse." Sadly, it will be too late.  Their mortgages will not be paid by him, their cars not gassed up by him, and they will not find themselves above adherence to  the municipal laws of their communities.  Taxes will increase, freedoms (of speech, of right to bear arms etc) will be threatened.  And this is the 'small stuff.'  The BIG stuff will be the testing of the untested one, when the world's dictators come calling.  Time will tell. May GOD help us, for the sake of His remnant in the land.

Monday, November 03, 2008



EDIT  8:00 P.M. central time (Tuesday) : Sorry for the password friends. I wish blogger would allow passwording of a post rather than only allowing the whole blog to be passworded or not. Maybe it won't have to remain for long. I had a visitor who I don't know, but who is a friend of someone I do know. They came, they read, they went back to their blog and proceeded to post a rant against me, urging their liberal friends to pay me a visit. You can visit the guy HERE to see what he said. Never mind, he deleted it (very wise because it was vicious) - only the comments remain.


I want to preface this entry by reminding my readers that THIS IS MY BLOG.  This is the place where I CAN TALK ABOUT MY BELIEFS, MY OPINIONS, MY CONCERNS, MY HOPES, THOUGHTS and DREAMS. What follows are MY (WELL researched) OPINIONS and CONCERNS. You have that same right on YOUR blogs so please express your opinions on YOUR blogs!  General (I agree/I disagree) comments are fine, but do NOT try to sell this DANGEROUS fraud to me in my comments section! Now, to share some thoughts and concerns...

I was sitting here last night, listening to a speech Obama was giving. And he was smearing McCain and ridiculing the fact that Dick Cheney endorsed McCain this past week. Well, why wouldn't he??? Cheney IS a registered Republican voter. Why wouldn't he support McCain, the Republican candidate?? The crowd was jeering and sneering at Obama's words, collectively ridiculing McCain because Cheney is voting for him. Would they likewise jeer at the fact that Barney Frank (GAG!!!!) cast a vote for Barack Hussein Obama!?

WELL WELL... I would rather it be known that a fellow American, a fellow Republican was publicly endorsing me, than to be in  terrorists support ObamaObama's shoes - trying to downplay and hide the fact that all of the terrorist world is supporting him! EVERY SINGLE TERRORIST DICTATOR AROUND THE WORLD HAS COME OUT PUBLICALLY AND ENDORSED OBAMA AS THEIR MAN!!  And as for the LOCALS -

Endorsed by Communist Party USA
Endorsed by Chicago Young Communists League
Endorsed by Marxists/Communists/Socialists for Obama
Endorsed by Hamas terrorist group

Now THAT is something to be PROUD of!!! Right Mr. Obama? Thank God THEY can't vote! Oops, I forgot! They ARE voting, by way of funneling millions of their foreign (and domestic) terrorist/dictator dollars into his campaign fund.

civilian police Barack Hussein Obama,  sir, instead of wasting your precious final campaign hours RIDICULING American Republican voters, why don't you tell us more about your plan to brainwash our children into believing they should be pacifists and appease the "sensitivities of America HATERS."  And tell the truth about "The Civilian National Security Force" you will put in place without delay... which sadly, your legions of fans/followers/worshippers - whatever, don't have a clue what this means! It sounds good because their Obamessiah is saying it! 

We need to be listening to Cuban Americans who escaped the horrors of such a regime that implemented this same police force, controlled by Fidel Castro - NOT to protect the people, but to FORCE them into submission to him.  Here's a few links by Cuban bloggers who cannot believe this beloved country of freedom which they fled to and began new lives in, has come to this day.

Tell us Barack Hussein Obama, why you plan to bankrupt the American coal industry?? Are you people paying attention out in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and any other state that has a significant coal industry? And for the rest of the nation, do you know that putting the coal industry out of business will turn out your lights... and get ready to freeze to death in the winter.  Click here, read it for yourself.

Michelle Malkin also reports on this same issue and you can read it here.  Should it surprise anyone that Obama's "internet police" immediately removed that video where he brazenly spoke of doing this?  No matter; bloggers were smart enough to copy the transcript of his exact words.  ticketforamerica

There are so many issues I could bring up here, but the bottom line for me is very clear:  We have on the ballot an American  who has proven his allegiance to America.. who was RAISED by America-loving parents to LOVE HIS COUNTRY, who SERVED at great personal sacrifice, who has MANY pro-American friends who have publicly spoken of his love and loyalty, his dedication and service.. many veterans who served alongside of him and publicly praised his honor, loyalty, love and steadfast service and devotion... a man whose life has been TRANSPARENT from his birth to this very point in time - his accomplishments as well as his failures in life, he has honestly put out there for us to see.  HE HAS A HISTORY PEOPLE, THAT WE CAN SEE AND JUDGE. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

On the other side, we have a man who's history is FRIGHTENINGLY VAGUE and INCOMPLETE.  He seems to have just "appeared on the scene" out of nowhere, a few years back. There are more years missing from his life resume` than are visible for us to look at, and what little history has been revealed or uncovered, is contradictory-  i.e. birthplace, citizenship, ideologic affiliation (muslim).  Here is a compilation of what little we know - Obama Timeline.

There is NO long list of people who have come forward and been interviewed, to vouch for his allegiance to country... NO ONE, in fact!  No friends from his past have surfaced and been interviewed about his character, his growing up years. No childhood friends, no college friends, no records to examine, of service... NO ONE has stepped forward to reassure us that we are choosing a GOOD man who has a history of love for America and the desire to serve America's best interests.  What few records in his life that have been dug up, are ALL SEALED TO THE PUBLIC.  Those who seek information are investigated themselves!!! I.E. Joe the Plumber.. and examples such as THIS...

We have heard about his associations and friends in life though he wishes we had not. Certainly NONE of them have appeared on TV to share about and reassure us of his patriotism and allegiance to America.  And why not??  Because ALL of those associations are America-haters, anti-white, anti-Jew, anti-democracy, anti-American, pro marxist, pro-communist, socialist enemies of our country. 

Has there EVER been a candidate for president of these blessed United States of America, who has such a full stable of  ANTI-AMERICAN friends from his birth to this very day??

PEOPLE!!!!!!  These facts should SCARE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!  I don't care WHAT he is saying and what he is promising - LOOK AT THESE FACTS, WHAT FEW WE HAVE... this isn't all about party feuding. It is NOTHING about party affiliation. People, this man is not your average American democrat... he is a FAR EXTREME LEFT WING (anti-American) democrat who scares the general democratic population. Check out DEMOCRATS FOR McCain ... Hillary Supporters For McCain ... HILL BUZZ ... PUMA PARTY ... Just Say NO Deal ... and hundreds more sites, just google!!  And here is an excellent article, compiling Obama's own words concerning who he is and what he intends to do. The Case Against Obama. This is a very thoughtful case.

This election boils down to choosing a PROVEN AMERICAN LOVING, PRO-AMERICAN citizen with a lifetime of defending this country and serving this country, and the experience to lead wisely- verses choosing an UNKNOWN on MANY LEVELS, with FRIGHTENING associations, with a FRIGHTENING anti-America upbringing (immersed in Marxism from his raising by his mother and grandparents, to the seeking out of marxist friends as an adult, BY HIS OWN WORDS) who speaks carefully, but has slipped enough for us to know he speaks with a forked tongue.  His words and his ideas come straight from the SOCIALIST playbooks.

John McCain is not a perfect man but his allegiance to the United States is UNQUESTIONED.  Barack Obama is not a perfect man either, and his allegiance to the United States is VERY QUESTIONABLE.


Friday, October 31, 2008

This and That


I appreciate those who took the time to leave a comment in the previous post. Those who haven't yet, you can still leave one just to let me know you've been by for a visit.  I appreciate having a sense of who comes by for a visit... and by the way - NONE of you who left a comment are guilty of the threatening communications! A couple of you seemed concerned I might be speaking of you!  I'm not censoring lively debate/discussion. I'm just sounding off against "over the top" behavior.  You all know what I'm talking about.  Also glad to meet a couple of newbies who commented. Thanks for letting me know who you are.  I have been excited to see a couple of visitors are stopping in from my 'hometown' - you Selma visitors leave me a comment !

It's no secret that I am voting for McCain/Palin this coming Tuesday. I put a lot of stock in who our military support as their commander-in-chief. They are putting it all on the line TO DEFEND OUR FREEDOM and their opinions do definitely count, to me. 

Recently polls indicated that there is overwhelming support for John McCain among US troops in every branch of the armed forces by a nearly 3-1 margin. 68 percent of active-duty and retired servicemen and women support McCain, while 23 percent support Barack Obama. The numbers are nearly identical among officers and enlisted troops.

They are positioned around the world, and very well qualified to see the alternative to freedom and democracy.  Their solid endorsement of John McCain is a strong statement.

I read yesterday's post at UNFAIR DOCTRINE, a defender of 1st amendment rights.  It's a short, but very good post concerning our right to freedom of speech and how our current democratic candidate is ALREADY doing a rather good job of "squashing" that right among those who dare to question or disagree with his positions on anything. He's not yet made a single policy but his pre-election behavior is an ominous sign. 

WHAT SAY YOU, democrats?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just a little blog business...

ll3 I'd like to ask all of my regular readers to please take a moment to just click on "Comments" below this post, and say HI. I'd like to know who is stopping by to read on a regular basis.  Even if you have only stopped in here once or twice, I'd like to know of your visit and hope you will come again. 

In this blog, I do express strong political opinions and surely not everyone who visits, shares those opinions. And that's perfectly OK!  What is NOT ok, is to receive threatening/unfriendly communications concerning my opinions.  Recently the blog has received some additional traffic, some "unknown visitors" according to my blog stats.  This increase in traffic has also coincided with a little 'unfriendly' communication.

Friends, old and new who may have differing views are always welcome here. But anonymous, threatening visitors are urged to delete my blog from your memory - and please NEVER return!  I am about this far <--> from pass-wording the blog in order to safeguard myself and my family. So please -friendly visitors, old visitors, new visitors, even visitors who have differing viewpoints - take a moment and identify yourselves in the "Comments" section below, so you may continue to stop in for visits without running up against a password block.

This blog frequently contains personal family references and  I don't mind meeting new folks so please don't be shy - leave a simple "hello" in the comments. If you are meeting me/my family - I'd like to also meet you.

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Thanks a lot for the "HELLO'S" I'm sure I'll be seeing in the comments!  Wave

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween... least favorite 'holiday.'  I do not like Halloween at all.  I don't like what is brought out in people at this time of year. It seems to be an occasion for evil, as if any occasion is needed for evil. Yet it is 'justified'... tolerated, even encouraged and overlooked at Halloween.  Did you see the Halloween "decor" at one West Hollywood home? (video) It featured an effigy of Sarah Palin, hanging from a noose strung up on the chimney. It also featured an effigy of a devilish John McCain crawling out of the chimney, surrounded by flames.

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Do any of my readers find this offensive? Chad Michael Morisette, who lives in the house, told CBS 2 News that the effigy would be out of bounds at any other time of year, but it's within the spirit of Halloween. "It should be seen as art, and as within the month of October. It's Halloween, it's time to be scary, it's time to be spooky," Morisette said.


Sorry, but this is NOT art. And this is NOT appropriate, acceptable behavior. It would be one thing to have the typical generic, spooky characters strung up like this in your yard. I could 'buy' that as Halloween "art." But to depict actual American citizens, public candidates, in this way is NOT cool.  The home owner admitted that if he had 'hung' Barack Obama, it would not have gone over as well because of the history of blacks and lynchings. So it is acceptable to hang women.. but not blacks??

I find this attitude DISGRACEFUL, DISGUSTING.

Right now this home is being swamped with onlookers, even tour buses - gawking, taking pictures, laughing, pointing. I dare say if this was a mannequin of  Barack Obama hanging by a noose, this house would be swamped with FBI, Secret Service, and the local police. This guy would be TOAST!! He would be immediately booked for commission of 'hate crimes' and become very familiar with the inside of a prison cell. His home would be desecrated by angry citizens. His life might even be in danger IF he remained out of prison!

LYNCHING is not acceptable in the United States of America. It is a heinous, murderous crime. And depiction of hanging of an actual known person is not acceptable either.  And as Forrest Gump would say - "That's all I have to say about that."

Thank you all for the very kind comments expressing your love for us, concerning my previous post. It is still a sad thing to think about. Looking back over the years of enjoyment we had with our collie Rebel brings both joy and grief. Gretchen told me that Roscoe was having a difficult time without his buddy. His appetite was off (and he LIVES to eat) and his behavior has been a bit 'out of character' for him. Poor doggie. : ( Hopefully he will grow closer to Belle pup and will regain his love of life... and eating! Some say that animals do not experience emotions such as love and grief. BALONEY!!  They certainly do!

I'm off to do some housecleaning... until next time...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yesterday The Sun Set...

...on the life of a good dog. I recalled the conversation with a lady on a collie list many years ago. She lived in California - we lived in Alabama. She showed collies and had 19 of them at the time - several were champions. As we communicated back and forth, I learned that she had one who just wasn't liking the show circuit.  He was beautiful and showed well in confirmation, but was a home boy, preferring to be at home with family. Of course being that her work was showing and raising show champions - she had little use for, and no room for a 'family pet' collie in her grand furry menagerie.

His name was "Rebel" and she told me his name fit him! But I was struck by his beauty and having lost my beautiful collie Courtney several years previous - my heart longed for another collie in the home. And so we made a deal - she would give him to us, but I would pay for his airplane ride across the country. That FREE dog cost me nearly 300 dollars to transport... and thus he became a beloved family member. He was 18 months old when he came to be our dog. Yesterday he died, 2 months shy of his 12th birthday... old and very arthritic, in pain, unable to stand to relieve himself... wobbly on his feet... the proud, happy, rambunctious Rebel's life had become very, very difficult.

The first half of his life with us, he was a family pet. He loved to romp and run and play and bark. His tail was always carried high, and wagging continually. He was a mischief maker, a merry boy. He was a thorn in Casey's side as his playful and rambunctious antics did not always sit well with her. Yet let the sky darken and the thunder grow loud with an approaching storm,   and suddenly they became best friends - both scared of bad weather, they huddled together during storms, comforting each other through them. Their love/hate (jealousy, really) relationship and behavior was often a source of humor and entertainment to us.

When Gretchen went off to college she lived in some unsafe neighborhoods. She often spoke of being a little afraid. So in her 3rd year of college (of 7 - she switched majors) when we moved to Florida, she took Rebel back to school with her at the University of Alabama. Thus the last several years of his life were spent at college being her best friend, her roommate, her

bodyguard. She said she always felt safe when Rebel was with her. He was big, and though he was a collie and generally friendly as collies are - he would not tolerate anyone messing with his human family.  So he made a good companion and bodyguard for Gretchen, and though I missed him, I felt better knowing he was with her, taking care of her.   Gretchen graduated in May of 2007 and began a wonderful career as a registered dietician. She got engaged this past summer. And Rebel was right there to observe as his beloved human child became a strong and wonderful woman. But he was slowing down. His body was betraying his wonderful lively spirit. It became more difficult to run and play, though he would try his hardest. He had bursts of playfulness, but pain got the best of him eventually, and he took to observing the fun around him, unable to participate any longer.

He went to live with Joe (Gretchen's fiance) the past couple of years. Joe is a dog lover, and had a longhaired doxie named Roscoe. Roscoe and Rebel formed an immediate bond. They understood one another and became fast friends... best friends. Gretchen lived in a cramped apartment and Rebel was happier in a house with a yard, so it was a good arrangement. Every day after her classes, and eventually after she graduated, after her job she would go over and play with the dogs, feed them, and spend several hours with them  and with Joe.

As Rebel slowed down and then deteriorated due to the severe arthritis afflicting him, Joe and Gretchen worried how it would affect Roscoe when the day came, that he would no longer have his friend. They worried that Roscoe might actually grieve himself to death, without Rebel. So they brought in baby Belle to join the family a couple of months ago. At first the two 'old men' rejected her but eventually Roscoe began to accept her as a playmate. After all, his old friend Rebel could no longer run and play with him. He was now the silent observer, where once he had been the joyful instigator of fun and merriment.  Gretchen's heart grew heavier as the days went on.. and Rebel grew more feeble.

These last weeks have been very rough for Rebel as he became incontinent and unable to even move away from the soiling. Gretchen and Joe exhibited tremendous patience with him as they knew he could not help it. But it was very unpleasant to come in and have to deal with the mess and to clean it out of his coat without subjecting him to a full bath.  This week they talked and made the decision that it was time to let Rebel go, to release him from his suffering. Yesterday was the hardest day for my baby girl as the vet would be coming out to the house in the evening, to put Rebel-man to sleep. My brokenhearted Gretchen said good-bye to her faithful friend and reassured him that he had been a good boy and a good friend. Thanks to their good and compassionate vet, He went easily to sleep in the comfort of his home, surrounded by his human and canine friends. And dear Joe, bless his heart, had the task of digging his grave and burying him. This task has always fallen to Bobby over the years of our children growing up,  and Bobby said he felt for Joe, as it was the hardest thing to bury a good family pet.

And so the landscape of our family changes again.. with the loss of dear Rebel. As much as we know that death is a part of life... we still grieve. His place will always be secure in our hearts.  As I type, Casey is resting at my feet. She is getting up in age as well, though seems to be in good health for an almost 14 yr old doggie. But in my heart I know that we will face another similar dreaded day somewhere ahead in time.

I don't truly know if dogs go to heaven. Some say yes. Some say no, because dogs are animals and have no souls. But I find no evidence in scripture that the lack of a soul would keep one out of heaven, for the angels are welcome there and they have no souls! And we know the scriptures speak of horses being in heaven, for Jesus will one day return, riding a great horse... and lions and lambs are spoken of in heaven. There is a passage in scripture which speaks of the whole creation groaning under the curse of sin, and eagerly awaiting that day when God will redeem His whole creature from the curse of sin, which is death. So who knows?  If they do go to heaven... then there will be several very good doggies there, who will be so glad to see us when we arrive! :")

Rest easy Rebel-man. You blessed our lives with your coming to join our family, and you will always be loved. The afflictions you increasingly endured the last two years of your life will NEVER overshadow the memories we will keep of your love, your exuberance, your mischievousness, your playfulness, your sheer joy of just being alive! Rest, good boy. And I do hope we meet again in heaven. 

"The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of its master."  ~ Ben Hur Lampman