Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New gadget!

This is a new gadget I ran across a few weeks ago. At the time, they were backlogged for processing new requests, but the players are available again at this time. It's a fun way to communicate with blog friends. Just use your cell phone and dial the number shown when you click the button above. You can leave a voice message! FUN! Give it a try; I'm waiting to hear from YOU!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Close by...

Some random thoughts in the quiet of this night -
I once heard a saying... If our loved one is with the Lord, and the Lord has promised to be with us, then we are not far apart.

But oh, how our swollen, sore eyes LONG to see that beloved one.. how our empty arms ache to embrace them.. how our hearts yearn to express once more, the deep love we feel.

As more and more of our loved ones enter heaven, it gets harder and harder for us to feel at home in this place. We long to go to them.. to be with them.. to be with our Lord, together forever.

May God give us patience.. and endurance.. and sure hope!